“Our objectives and goals are related to our mission and philosophy.”

  • Providing a healthy physical, as well as social environment that ensures
    continuous improvement and growth and enables
    to acquire a positive attitude towards education.
  • Developing the students’ language skills to enable them to
    communicate in foreign languages.
  • Motivating students to learn and grow from the challenges
    of their course work.
  • Enabling students to realize their value and talents.
  • Developing the students’ IT skills.
  • Assisting students to gain experience, knowledge, and satisfaction
    from the extra-curricular programs the school offers.
  • Encouraging students to have a sense of responsibility
    towards themselves, others, and their community.
  • Increasing the involvement of a broad base of parents.


Building competent, global citizens determined to shape a new era.


With handpicked, well qualified staff and skilled management, HSE uses a vast variety of resources and technological advancements to motivate the young minds to challenge themselves every day. We exhibit intellectual curiosity that inspires excitement about learning, inside and outside the classroom by connecting learning to real life.

At HSE, we:

  • Embrace diversity, support teamwork and celebrate our differences.
  • Build ethical, perseverant characters’ alien to, “I give up.”
  • Boost the students’ problem solving, critical thinking, and communication skills.
  • Promote leadership and individuality; pursue knowledge and creativity.
  • Encourage our students to take pride in themselves and positively contribute to the community­. ­
  • Drive towards the continuous growth and improvement of our reputable body.

At HSE, no child is left behind.

School Philosophy

In an era of increasing global challenges and cultural diversity, we feel morally obliged to offer our students every possible opportunity for personal and academic development. Highlands School of Egypt aims to motivate students, to enhance their skills and to develop their confidence and self-reliance so that they can find their learning in a fast changing world.

It is our serious and unshakable faith that we shall break down the barriers of traditional education and offer a study program that helps student’s ideas and aspirations come true. We shall empower students with knowledge and enthusiasm for leaders’ awareness of the needs of our country. Hence, we have taken the decision to establish a new learning community at Highlands School of Egypt designed so that all our students could thrive in a friendly environment, ideal for furthering their academic pursuits and stimulating their lives.

Research- based studies have proved that student mastery and promotion are enhanced when students’ voices are part of the vibrant class discussion every day. Consequently, the American program was designed in accordance with the latest trends of student-centered teaching methodologies where the system allows students at all levels to build on major understandings and skills already acquired as well as to prepare for learning yet to come.

In order to achieve its goal, the school has adopted an American open- education model aided by technology integration where curricula have moved away from teacher-dominated instruction to an inquiry-based model of learning, guided by teachers. The objective of this interactive teaching model is to harness the different higher order critical skills of students, to develop their problem solving skills, as well as to enhance the competencies they will need as citizens in a diverse interdependent world.