Dear Parents,

We warmly welcome you to HSE. At HSE, we strive to prepare each student for the rigorous demands of the real world. We emphasize the intellectual development of our students because we expect our students to become the leaders of tomorrow’s world. Our goal is not only to help students get admitted to excellent universities, but also to assist them in being successful in their studies and their lives.

At HSE, excellence in academics is a major thrust as well as challenging the minds of students. Consequently, we support an integrated curriculum with emphasis on reading, writing, science, mathematics and other various activities. In order to foster good study habits, homework is assigned on a regular basis.

If the students of today are to grow into the leaders of tomorrow, it is imperative that they gain experience in student government. Firm and fair discipline is maintained in order to achieve an orderly learning atmosphere. No one is permitted to interfere with another’s right to study and learn. Respect for all people is encouraged in classrooms and extracurricular activities. We also expect our students to demonstrate exemplary conduct and sense of responsibility. HSE students must respect one another, themselves, and the school’s special purpose. Good citizenship is the goal for every student.

We all agree that our young people need to be challenged, to be taught, to be prepared, to be guided, and to be developed in every way possible. That is why we look upon our teachers as one of our major resources in a successful program.  In their classrooms, the attitudes and habits of young adults are being shaped. The professional staff are role models as well as teachers, and we strive to maintain a close relationship with them.

None of the ambitious goals could be achieved without the support of our dedicated staff and supportive parents. It is the tradition for parents to interest themselves in the program and their children’s progress. Parents meetings will be held regularly to review school policies and problems, student performance, student progress, and special projects.

Through team effort and communication, we are striving to improve our program constantly. We welcome your support, your questions, and your insights. We wish to deliver our promise of providing our students with access to a high quality education in a positive and safe learning environment that meets all their developmental needs in order to reach their fullest potential.