At HSE, MUN is more than Model United Nations. This Co-Curricular program is precisely designed to simulate United Nations in a rich communicative atmosphere that provides delegates with intensive training on research techniques, public speaking, diplomacy and awareness of the world’s current events and UN agenda through joining THIMUN- Affiliated Conferences and visiting UN actual agencies in Cairo. The art of shaping global citizens who can create new era couldn’t be more spectacular!

Here in HSEMUN program, we have passion and sincere commitment to HSE vision and mission. This commitment has crystalized into a powerful MUN body with highly qualified MUNers.

MUNers whose diverse skills help them integrate and complete each other through different committees (Academics, Secretariat, Organization, Media and press, Graphic designers, and of course Delegates).

MUNers whose unity in life values and ethics help them demonstrate team spirit and meet the UN code of conduct toward creating a better world.

MUNers who have been taught the art of diplomacy and communication, and are developing into critical thinkers and problem solvers who know how to use their soft power to change the whole world in a gentle way.

MUNers whose positive contribution in indoor and outdoor conferences has echoed in HSE and other International Schools as they are now promoted to share in more advanced conferences.

MUNers whose dream has no end and are in continuous growth and improvement towards international overseas conferencing and delegation.

MUNers who are responsible to face challenges, courageous to pursue their dreams, proud of their achievements and alien to “I give up”