School Facilities

Facilities are one of the basic educational requirements, to maintain safe and high quality school environment in order to enhance education.

HSE provides a variety of facilities for learning, comfort and recreation.

Facilities affect teachers’ commitment and efforts. They also affect students’ health, behavior, engagement, and learning achievement.

  1. Technology: All classrooms are networked and have smart boards. The smart board permits a dynamic interactive learning environment and facilitates teacher’s control of student activity. The wireless access throughout the school building allows everyone to conduct research wherever they are In addition to furnished computer labs.
  1. A Multipurpose Auditorium: The auditorium is designed to accommodate more than 200 guests, and filled with the latest technology, used for assemblies’ presentations.
  2. First Aid Center: A well-equipped health unit for first aid, while any emergency is referred to a nearby hospital. Students can undergo medical checkups, and a health record is maintained for each child.
  3. Sports Facilities: Physical fitness is given importance in HSE to grow physically and mentally active members of the community: a basketball and handball court, a football field, speed ball stands, a volleyball and tennis court and a playground are all utilized for the practice of sports.
  4. Art Room: A spacious art room for every department provides students with all the materials required to explore and express their innate talent. Each room has a rich collection of art works by students displayed.
  5. Music Room: A well-equipped music room with an array of instruments to provide students with a variety of musical experience.
  6. Uniform store: The uniform store is located on the school premises for the convenience of parents and students.
  7. The School Canteen: offers a wide range of healthy quality meals, snacks and beverages at affordable prices.
  8. 2 Libraries Diverse learning resources to support the school’s curriculum are accessible to meet individual students’ needs and interests, and to ensure that young people develop information literacy skills within the school’s curriculum.
  9. Kindergarten Play area: a separate play area provides a safe atmosphere for our young students. Soft play areas and equipment provide a variety of activities for students to be occupied.
  10. Activity kindergarten room: a fully furnished room with a well selected variety of puzzles, blocks, books, etc….
  11. School transport: we offer a safe and secure transport service to our students.
  12. LMS: the school provides a learning management system which is a software application for the administration, documentation, tracking, reporting and delivery of educational courses, training programs, or learning, development programs and grading.
  13. Science Labs: Biology, chemistry, physics and general science laboratories have been filled with state of the art equipment to serve the specific and unique goals of each individual subject.