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HSE Student Council

(Students’ Voice and School’s Heart)

What is a student Council?

A student council is a representative structure through which students in post-primary school can become involved in the affairs of the school, working in partnership with school management and staff and parents for the benefit of the school and its students.

The idea was born last year and our first elections for Student Council titles took place in March, 2018

Why is it necessary to have a Student Council?

A student council provides an opportunity for students to engage in a structured partnership with teachers, parents and school managers in the operation of their school. Research indicates that student councils can improve academic standards and reduce dropout rates in schools. Moreover, student council can create a sense of the school and its progress among the school population. The establishment of student council gives students an opportunity to inquire a sort of communication, planning and organizational skills which will be of benefit to them in their future lives. It also enables students to take responsibility for projects, and to demonstrate that they can manage and bring such projects to successful conclusion. Moreover, the contribution made by a student council to development of school policy in a number of areas can have significant benefits for students and the school. School policies are far more likely to be successful where they are clearly understood and accepted by all partners within the school community.

School Vision

Building competent, global citizens determined to shape a new era.

School Mission Student Council Mission
Embrace diversity, support teamwork and celebrate our differences. Allow as many students as possible to share their different views on matters of general concerns to them and discuss their insights in a team based on collaboration and collective work.
Build ethical, perseverant characters alien to, “I give up.” Reinforce ethics such as democracy, equality, consistency and determination in solving problems and removing all obstacles in the pursuit of a better school by supporting both students and management in the development of the school.
Boost the students’ problem solving, critical thinking and communication skills. Reinforce critical thinking and communication skills by assigning members of student council the role of mediators between admin and students through an interactive and collaborative environment that is conductive to educational and personal development.


Promote leadership and individuality; pursue knowledge and creativity. Promote members of SC into further realm of knowledge about leading teams and sharing in administrative decisions through an authentic steady hierarchical administrative structure of Student Council based on friendship and respect among all students as well as strengthening bonds between this structure and other figures including  staff members and parents.
Encourage our students to take pride in themselves and positively contribute to the community Engage members of SC to shine as stakeholders who can draw improvement plans, share in administrative decisions, demonstrate their leadership skills, be part of school development and of course celebrate their achievements.
Drive towards the continuous growth and improvement of our reputable body. Reinforce a high sense of responsibility and related concepts such as devotion, steadiness and consistency in nonstop working for a better school.


Student Council Structure

Student Council Body
Title Job Description

Hazem Shawki in Grade 12

–          Arrange for and attend all council meetings

–          Has the power to appoint committees under the advisement of the advisors.

–          Has the authority to call special meetings under the advisement of the advisors.

–          Supervises the work of the other members in the council.

–          Prepares an agenda prior to all meetings in cooperation with the secretaries.

–          Reports council activities to the principal.

–          Must represent student council at appropriate school functions.

–          Must be in at least one committee.

–          Represents / delegates the students body at school and in any formal meetings.

–          Acts as a role model and conducts him/herself with academic integrity.

Vice President


Ahmed Helal in Grade 11


Ahmed Hassan inGrade 10

–          Acts as president’s deputy in his/her absence.

–          Has the same power of the president in his/her absence.

–          Attends all council meetings.

–          Supervises assigned committees

–          Responsible for distributing and collecting project forms from committee chairperson.

–          Coordinates the work of the committees.

–          Heads important committees.



Nagla Hani in Grade 9


Rawan Yasser in Grade 9

–          Keeps an accurate roll of all members and their hours.

–          Keeps an accurate record of attendance to student council and committee meetings.

–          Keeps an accurate record of the minutes from all council meetings and types them for the principal and advisor’s approval.

–          Responsible for recording all the student council activities and correspondence.

–          Attends all council meetings.

–          Handles all council correspondence.

–          Reports at each meeting the minutes from previous meetings.

–          Type, print out and photocopy materials for student council members.


Mrs. Sahar Abas

Ms. Raghda Mowafi

Captain Hossam and Captain Yasser

Ms.Sahar Mohamed

Ms. Alaa Adnan

Ms.Laila El Khateeb

Ms. Ingy Noury

–          As the advisor is a from the teaching staff, he/she is always there to give advice and guidelines to members who would need some guidance. In all patterns of Student Councils all over the world, there are advisors as members of SC whose participation is essential.

–          Advisors are NOT decision makers, they only give advice to the students who are in charge of taking decisions and voting on them to be finalized and applied.

–          Advisors are also in charge of observing the implementation of the decisions taken and plans drawn by students and give their feedback which could be a further chance for counseling and advising.

–          In other words, advisors are only watching and protecting the members who would need the experience of advisors.


This high board oversees and monitors six committees as follows

Committee Name Head of Committee   Advisors in this committee Description /Responsibilities of the Committee
Academic Committee Rawan Mohamed in Grade 12 Mrs. Sahar Abas (Arabic Department Supervisor) This committee is in charge of handling all requests, concerns and suggestions related to academics such as ( academic courses, textbooks, elective subjects, GPA and grading system, Assessments, teaching strategies, ideas for remedial classes or after school sessions, library development and monitoring reading programs, ideas for handling language and technology proficiency at school….etc.)
Social Committee Nourhan Yassers in Grade 11


Gamal Abdel Naser in Grade 11

Ms. Raghda Mowafi (Social Worker)


This committee is in charge of handling all issues related to social communication and behavioral issues in the school community such as (building bonds between students in one class, concerns about some misbehaving incidents by some students, awareness campaigns, reinforcing some social ethics such as collegiality, acceptance, anti-bullying culture, dealing with some pressing issues in social interaction between students such as aggression and vandalism ..etc.)
Sports Committee


Youssef Hani in Grade 10 Captain Hossam and Captain Yasser (P.E Teachers) This committee is in charge of handling issues related to sports tournaments at school and arranging other tournaments with other schools, suggesting ideas for the Sports Day, arranging rewards for students who share in championships with other clubs as a sort of motivation, Suggest any ideas or insights to reinforce PE sessions, …etc.
Fundraising and Organization Committee Omar Fouda in Grade 12  

Ms. Sahar Mohamed (NSS Teacher)

This committee is in charge of organizing SOME specific events such as Parents meetings, Open Days, fun parties (aside of the formal parties scheduled and marked on the school calendar), inviting and receiving visitors, coordinating issues with other schools or associations, etc.
Fun Trips Committee Mohamed Fahmy in Grade 12


Yassin  Osama in Grade 12

Ms.Alaa Adnan (Social Studies Teacher) This committee is suggested based on SC members’ request last year as students suggest being allowed freer space to choose the destinations and offers of fun trips they would like to join during the school year.


Members of this committee would be in charge of deciding a budget, searching for offers, doing the reservation and arranging for transportation with the support of committee  advisors.

Media Committee Husein Haitham in Grade 11


Lara Mahmoud in Grade 9

Ms. Laila El Khateeb (English Teacher)


Ms.Ingy  Noury (English Teacher)

This committee is recently added to the Student Council’s plan and it is in charge of issuing periodicals with articles and updated news or upcoming events related to Highlands Community. Members in this committee will be divided into writers, editors, photographers, publishers and graphic designers.