Middle School is a time of great change for adolescents, our courses in Middle School meet leading US curriculum standards, and all courses support the literacy development of the Common Core State Standards. Courses are delivered in a safe and engaging learning environment which allows for the development of the unique interests, abilities and aspirations of our students.

Lessons are taught using a variety of teaching and learning strategies which are research-based and proven to be effective with Middle School aged learners.

Students are assessed using a variety of methods including projects, presentations, writing tasks, performances, tests and quizzes. Students and parents are able to keep track of performance and course resources using the LMS Technology.

During their time in the Middle School students study the following subjects:

• Language Arts
• Math
• Science
• Computer Science
• Social Studies

• Art
• Music
• Physical Education (PE)
• French or German
• Character Education
In Arabic:
• National Studies
• Arabic language
• Religion (Islam or Christianity)