Kindergarten At HSE

Every child is different, and every child is intelligent in a different way. At HSE it is our job to find out each child’s learning style and to tailor activities that cater for each kind of intelligence. At HSE, every child is able to work and develop at their own pace, every child is the center of attention, and every child gets one-to-one instruction. We continuously challenge our students, engage them and fulfill their growing curiosity, by creating a rich and stimulating environment full of endless learning opportunities.

Kindergarten Curriculum

Our kindergarten curriculum is based on the Virginia standards and consists of seven main key areas of learning:

  1. English(phonics, reading, writing, listening, speaking, grammar)
  2. Math(numeracy, computation, estimation, geometry, measurements, probability, statistics, patterns, functions, algebra)
  3. World around us (beginning science and social studies, body and health, seasons, weather, earth)
  4. Physical education(personal fitness, healthy life-style, skilled movement, responsible behavior)
  5. Fine Arts ( art, music, dance, theatre)
  6. Computer Technology( technology, communication tools, computers)
  7. Character Building (social, personal and emotional development, living values, green living values).


At HSE our themes are designed to be introduced in K1 and are extended to a higher and deeper level in K2.  The themes in each grade level are ordered in ascending difficulty and gradually scaffold to accommodate the developing skills of students and their abilities.  Students are given the opportunity to start learning on a small scale about themselves and their close surroundings and move onwards to learning on a bigger scale about their community and people around them.

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