The Highlands School of Egypt believes that learning and growth and development continue after school hours. As students grow, they will need to develop skills, interests, and abilities which will enhance their capacity to perform beyond the academic world. Thus HSE supports and encourages students to participate in activities beyond the school day.

Teachers, as leaders of the school are expected and encouraged to support the activity program by acting as advisors to teams or clubs or by supervising students in the support of their activities.

School is a great time to get involved in sports, clubs, the art and different activities. At HSE, almost all students participate in some sort of sport or student activity. As a result, lifetime friendships are born and great memories are stored away in the mind forever.

Studies show that students involved in activities are more likely to do better academically. They see the school in a positive light rather than just a place to go and "do work". Students involved in sports and clubs develop and refine their interests and talents in ways classroom teachers may never be aware of in the lessons of the day.

The Goals of the HSE Student Activities Program

  • To provide activities that complement the school curriculum, satisfy competitive and recreational needs of the students, and respond to the expressed interests, talents, skills, and values of the community
  • To promote school spirit and self-esteem.
  • To teach and foster desirable leadership skills, community awareness, citizenship,Responsibility, and teamwork.
  • Music (instrument playing and choir singing)
  • To develop students who are lifelong learners and positive role models.
  • To provide equal opportunities for all students.

Extracurricular activities shall be considered an essential part of the total school program.

Extracurricular activities shall be offered to students through various clubs and organizations that shall comply with the following:

  • Every activity must have purposes, qualifications for members, and the rules of conduct.
  • A faculty sponsor will be present at all meetings.
  • A student's participation in a club or organization is a privilege and not a right.
  • A student's opportunity to participate can be limited or denied for failure to follow the Club or activity's rules or for violation of the student conduct code.