As we believe that education is a whole life, we never overlook the power of enhancing both minds and spirits of our students through crafting living values as part of their daily lives. Community Service is one of our channels to attain this precious goal. Our community service at HSE is meant to go beyond the limit of charity to be a lifestyle that involves our students in real human experiences, teaches them qualities such as giving rather than taking, sharing rather than keeping, doing and serving rather than watching passively.

HSE student is committed to a School-wide program in which each student becomes a responsible citizen in a global community. The objective of such a mission is to provide all of our students with the opportunity to demonstrate social responsibility through
active involvement in serving the community. Community service involvement gives students the chance to get involved in a variety of enriching useful, and practical experiences as well as exposes them to people and situations outside their previous experiences. The School Principal shall be responsible for the development of programs to encourage and facilitate participation by all students in meaningful and appropriate community service; service that is already being recognized as significant criteria for entry into higher education.