Highland American School makes every attempt at placing students in the proper grade level upon admission.

  • Age of students
  • Previous grade level at the time of transfer
  • Previous school records

 It is, however worth nothing that if the initial placement of a student in a grade level is deemed inappropriate by teachers and administration within the first six weeks of enrollment, the school resews the right to reassign the student to another grade level that is more appropriate to his/her academic level. In such cases of change, parents’ notification and approval will be obtained first

Highlands School follows the American system of education that offers an overall of 14 years of schooling: 2years in Pre-k + K, 6years of elementary education in grades 1-6, 2years of education in grades 7-8 and 4years of secondary/ High education in grades 9-12. At the high level, four years of full time attendance as well as completing the required number of credit hours are mandatory for obtaining full credits and receiving a high school diploma.

 Grade level placement is based on the student’s previous school records, fluency and proficiency of the English test (determined by entrance assessment), passing admission assessments, and being of the appropriate admissions age by October 1st of the same school year. The following table shows appropriate admissions age for different grade levels:


Grade Level

Appropriate age by October 1st


3 years 6 months


5 years

Grade 1

6 years

Grade 2

7 years

Grade 3

8 years

Grade 4

9 years

Grade 5

10 years

Grade 6

11 years

Grade 7

12 years

Grade 8

13 years

Grade 9

14 years

Grade 10

15 years

Grade 11

16 years

Grade 12

17 years