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  • About HSE

    Believing in the role of quality education to steer nations to advanced positions, we took the initiative to establish a remarkable educational foundation to raise competent, ethical and innovative personalities. High-lands school of Egypt is our gateway towards reaching our enduring mission.

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  • Eric Medina (West Chicago Community High School) and his mother Martina

    School Academic Programs

    HSE follows the American system of education under the steps of accreditation with AIAA following the common core curriculum extended through Virginia Standards modified in some points to meet some Egyptian standards.

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    Counseling & Support Department

    The school has a department for student counseling and support that will:
    - Work on behavioral, emotional and psychological needs.

    - Connect with students, parents and teachers to resolve all issues affecting the students personality.

    - Provide career counseling for school graduates (choosing the right university, applying to universities world wide, letter acceptance)

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School Mission

With handpicked, well qualified staff and skilled management, HSE uses a vast variety of resources and technological advancements to motivate the young minds to challenge themselves every day. We exhibit intellectual curiosity that inspires excitement about learning, inside and outside the classroom by connecting learning to real life.

At HSE, we:

· Embrace diversity, support teamwork and celebrate our differences.

· Build ethical, perseverant characters alien to, “I give up.”

· Boost the students’ problem solving, critical thinking, and communication skills.

· Promote leadership and individuality; pursue knowledge and creativity.

· Encourage our students to take pride in themselves and positively contribute to the community.

· Drive towards the continuous growth and improvement of our reputable body.

At HSE, no child is left behind.

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